Thursday, December 09, 2004

still bitching

Purging out my frustrations to a fellow co-worker proved to be somewhat helpful, making me less stressed over the matter i previously blogged about. This conversation, however, raised more questions later on, and we got to talk about the perfect jobs other people were having.

"I've never met a person who likes his/her job" was my standard answer to every question raised by the issue of employment injustice (be it financial, political or something else) --- which still rings true, now that i think about it. Most people i know are well, "happy" in a way that they know their jobs sustain their needs, but are still out for the "perfect job". Some are in it merely for the money (where's the satisfaction in that? except if that is your only goal, that is --- hence the surge of call centers, perhaps?) while others slave into things they rather not do because they are either too lazy to look for another job, or the job they want has no opening. *sigh*

So what is the perfect job? My criteria runs thus:

- flexible time
- goal-oriented
- relaxed atmosphere
- provides a good income befitting job
- great people to work with

So far, my current job has two of these factors, though one is dangerously coming close to an end. Sheesh. I often wonder why i am still here, and i am faced by the astounding answer of 1. I need to have a year's experience and so far, i still have two more months to go. God. I really am astounded how people can stay so long in a job.

I often wonder if it's just me. After all, the longest i've ever been in a "real job" (i.e., office based) was 8 months, since i've been pretty much freelancing for most of the time since graduation. Is it because i fear routine? Is it because i find it hard to wakle up early in the A.m. just to get to work? Or is it because of the office politics? One way or the other, i start to cringe after the 6th month, and realize the flaws and weird quirks the people around me have.

This job offers me a lot more than my previous work though -- including work. I don't mind it so much, after all, college had taught me to rely on nobody but myself to really make things happen, and this was perfect opportunity to really work on that. What i hate is the feeling i get when i am in the office, like someone is constantly watching me and making my life hell (i hate being watched!!! ARGH!!!) I hate the office red tapes, political issues and whatever jargon they use to confuse those who are not in the know. Things should be simple, direct and transparent, especially when it comes to matters of money. Hell. This job is milking me for what i am worth and is short-changing me every step of the way. Fuckit.


LemonCloud said...

Letta, my sentiments exactly. You are definitely not the only one who felt that your job sucks.
I’m also not really happy with my work so aimlessly. Sometimes I really felt like quitting especially the people here. They drive me crazy. But I can’t. This job provides the financial support I need and I got no experience to speak of. I think is just our generation. We are used to a carefree life when we studied. Yes we have to stick to our school timetable but still we got summer break, etc and can do more things than when working. At least you are counting down to the end of the work so hang in there.
Hope everything is going to be fine for you.

wanderlust junkie said...

yeah, *sigh* Hope things are better fro you too. I shudder to think i will be unemployed once again, but i really need a break. Maybe i'll change my mind by january...

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